Senior Associate

Job description

Company Description

Rockstart Emerging Tech Fund LATAM is a fund under the holding company Rockstart Ventures Management BV. The fund supports and invests in early stage startups all the way up to and including Series B in the tech-based startups space in LATAM. The fund invests in startups that bring technology to the forefront in this space in order to tackle the challenges that this space is facing.

Job Description

The Senior Associate (“SA”) is a financial whiz who gets excited about company and investment analysis and entrepreneurship. While the Fund Manager (“FM”) is responsible for making decisions about investments, it is the SA who has the responsibility of providing information and recommendations that enable such decisions to be made. The two form a close team of investment partners.

Where the FM has hands on Tech startup experience, the SA should complement this with hard skills in analysis and reporting, especially financial. Both should be excited by the LATAM startup industry and specifically supporting and finding the best startups operating therein.

The SA has a financial or economics background and has experience in company analysis, balance sheet formation, P&L reporting, cash flow forecasting and company valuation. They know and understand different research techniques to find the best companies and they can understand new business models or emerging tech. The SA is excited to keep up to date with the latest investments in the industry and gets a kick out of knowing which deals are pending. The SA enjoys connecting the dots between potential investment partners and likes to bring value to Rockstart’s portfolio companies and syndication partners alike by making the right connections.

The SA is a business model engineer who can run analysis on early stage startups for selection and the portfolio of investments. Experience in venture capital is important, and they should have been close to the action in terms of making deals and structuring VC processes.


Typical tasks include:

  • Researching companies and trends, specifically LATAM early stage tech focus

  • Writing financial briefings, research summaries and analysing company accounts

  • Presenting and reporting complicated financial information

  • Working with FM and Rockstart team for startup selection and research

  • Researching companies, particularly in terms of their financial functioning

  • Regularly meet with company managers, fund managers and other important partners relating to company performance

  • Preparing supportive documentation for investment committee decision making

  • Prepare and present cash forecasts

  • Sharing some Board responsibilities with FM

  • Experienced in helping companies articulate their equity story for investors

  • Has or is able to develop a network of relevant VC investors for series A and B as well as informals

  • Experience in structuring, negotiating and closing syndicated deals

  • Capable of assisting companies developing strategic alliances

  • Experienced in positioning for exit and driving the divestment processes

Examples of key projects:

  • Writing performance reports for FM: prepare detailed financial analysis alongside company performance ratings to allow the selection committee to make well informed choices

  • Structuring and closing deals: assist the FM in structuring and closing deals

  • Help portfolio companies raise, close funding rounds and eventually exit: Help founders to connect to investors and relevant partners to drive eventual divestment


The SA has experience and is familiar with the VC process of funding, developing and divesting minority interests. The right candidate is hands-on, proactive and capable of managing their time and coming up with creative solutions to improve processes when necessary. The job requires a deep understanding of finance and the candidate should be fiscally literate. The successful person is passionate about business engineering and forecasting and is capable of performing complex financial analysis and company valuation. A VC background is a bonus, sympathy and excitement for startups is a must.

Academic requirements: Bachelors, preferably in finance or business economics

Professional Experience: 4-6 years relevant experience

Remuneration: Based on experience

Work Location: Bogota, Colombia (remote)

Starting Date: January 2022

Career Development

There is scope for career development for the right (hands on!) candidate. Ambitious and capable candidates will be considered for the Investment Manager position within 2 years, which would involve more responsibility and the opportunity to participate on Board positions in portfolio companies.